Who We Are

Christian Martin
“Apple Crisp” is a songwriter and recording artist from San Francisco. He has a background in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business management, running ventures such as Undercover Mugs, and Christian Martin + Associates. He envisions Homegrown Hustle becoming an avenue for local musicians to receive coaching and resources to launch their music careers. He can be followed on Instagram @applecrispmusic and at AppleCrispMusic.com

Matt Davis
Matt is a transformational coach, entrepreneur and rapper. He has a tech, military and business background and he has been facilitating personal development workshops for 5 years.  His specialty is helping people build the courage and the strategy to make breakthroughs in life.   

Inna Sky
Inna is originally from Russia. When she could no longer resist her creative nature, she quit her career as a lawyer and moved to San Francisco. Her element has always been the visual arts, and she found her place as a fashion stylist and artist. She says, “maybe I don’t have nine lives, but it definitely seems like I am living my second one.”

You can see Inna’s work at www.inna-sky.com.

Najee Amaranth
Here to be the change he wishes to see in the world and use his talents to make the culture he sees better. Besides his son, Najee’s biggest accomplishment has been the artist collective Oakland Mind, which utilizes hip hop art to explore what a culture can be and use that knowledge to raise funds to support sustainable actions within the community.

Dzintars Grinfelds
From the sports and entertainment industries to startups, Dzintars brings almost a decade of digital marketing experience to the team… and a bit of a background in writing, too. He’s a native of the Bay Area with a diverse taste in music, as well as a nerd at heart who loves games and bowling.

Dishon Levexier
Music Artist by the name of WOP, graphic designer, video editor, barista, pretty much anything. Plus a Creative. Sports man, entrepreneur, and Child of Nature.

Anastasia Pak
With a thirst for new experiences and rich cultural background, Anastasiya moved to San Francisco in search of personal growth. Born in Uzbekistan; raised in Russia; studied in Australia and Malaysia; and while being Korean, she had always known her calling was in a creative field and became a graphic designer. When asked what culture she identifies with, she simply answers, “None in particular. I’m a World’s baby”

Radoslav Stefanov
Rado is an independent music producer with his own recording studio. He produces various types of music from advertising jingles to heavy metal. His biggest influences are bands and DJs such as Linkin Park, Metallica, Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond and many, many more.