What social media sites do musicians need to be on?

by Dzintars Grinfelds – @dzintars_g

Whether you are a local artist just getting started on your musical journey, or an established name in the business, there are online sites where you should (dare we say, need) to have a presence. Whether these sites help you and your music get exposure, or help people find your next show, be sure to have a page on the places below so your fans can find you!

You can post everything here: full music videos, showcase past performances, behind-the-scenes clips, personal vlogs, or even host live conversations. The video platform is still host to the largest music community on the internet, a place where many music fans go to find music, and where artists have a chance to be discovered.

Instagram (& IGTV)
Just like YouTube, Instagram gives artists a variety of ways to connect with their audience. The only hinderance you may come across is the video time limit: don’t expect to post a full music video on the site (unless you post the preview and route people to the full clip on IGTV, more on that in the future). Instagram is all about the user’s ability to find new pictures and video related to the things they are interested in, and that includes your music!

Though YouTube and Instagram are great places to be found, Facebook is the absolute best place for anyone to start. Why? Because this is where you get your friends’ help! Set up your page, invite your friends, and start posting — they’ll support you and your talent. Plus, you’ll want to use features like Facebook Events as frequently as possible to promote your shows.

Easily one of the most dominant sites in the music world, Spotify allows anyone to get on and share their music. Plus, a majority of users on the platform are not there to listen to what they already hear on the radio, but rather find new music. Post all of your songs there and get it shared by the millions of users on Spotify through playlists.

Like Spotify, SoundCloud is another place people go to discover new tracks and artists. If you’re uploading your music to one site, you might as well upload to this one too!

Be heard AND get paid for your music! There are some challenges that come with the site, like not having full control of your page and music, but getting direct support from your fans is never a bad thing.

When you’re touring, you’ll want people at your shows, right? Besides promoting your stops to your fans through the other social sites, you’ll want to be on here so music fans looking for a local show can find you when you come through their town.

This is just the start! Check on back when we go in-depth on each social site to show you how to best use them.

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