Why is personal style important for an artist and what can you do about it?

by Inna Sky – @visualista_

What’s the difference between a good artist and an influential one? It’s the unique voice that shows through the music, performance and… style. Internet and social media changed the game for artists forever. It created an opportunity to speak to an audience easily and show who you are. And, an audience looks back 🙂 We want to SEE an artist, including what they are wearing and why. Even a daily look is a part of the show now. And come on guys, we all love those ‘before and after’ pictures because we like to see people shining, being themselves at their best.

If you need an example, check your favorite artist’s sound check video vs. live performance. It’s the same person, the same venue, the same music. The main difference is in the visuals, and it flips everything. When an artist feels confident about how they look, the audience feels it.

If the fashion world doesn’t seem very familiar to you, start with the basics and break your research into a few easy steps.

1. Find people whose style you admire. It’s essential to determine your fashion personality. It will help you to find a fashion direction and give you clarity in which direction to go.

2. Among people you think look great, pick those who have similar body complexion and features to you. What fits someone perfectly will not necessarily suit you. Check the body proportions, height, skin tone, hair, and eye color. Pick the best match and find some patterns in the way they dress.

3. Check if you can create something similar with a few creative sparks with what you have in your closet. Make a list of what you might want to buy to complete the look.

4. Google has everything. There is plenty of information about style. It might seem overwhelming, but even the top 3 links on the search result will open up some valuable information for you. Just type something like ‘styling tips” and go from there.

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