Songwriting Tips

by Christian Martin aka Apple Crisp

I like to break the songwriting process down into 3 stages:

  1. Inspiration: from my experience, my best song lyrics have come as a written response to an emotional reaction from something I have experienced in my life. For example, when I wrote the song “Brother”, I wrote most of the words following a conversation I had with my brother about why we weren’t connecting. I left that conversation feeling really upset about how the conversation went and after further reflection, I found myself having more to say about it. This was the inspiration behind those song lyrics and I feel that when you are writing songs, you need to be able to pin point that inspiration and draw from it as you write.
  2. Song Structure: I’ve also found that it helps using other songs as references when you start the process of structuring your lyrics or finding the voice/instruments that you would like to go along with your lyrics. Maybe there is a song that you like the feeling of you’d like to match for your song or a verse/chorus structure you would like to follow. For my song “Dear Friend” I wanted the aggressive tone that Eminem brings out in his song “Way I Am”, so it was one of the tracks that I referenced in 
  3. Editing: I have never had my lyrics come out perfectly the first time. It’s important to go back over your lyrics to fine-tune them and get feedback from those that will provide honest feedback, so that you can improve your lyrics. An easy place to start is friends and family and others in your circle. For my track, “What’s Love”, I had originally written extremely long verses, but advice from my music producer and others was to cut the lyrics down to the core message of the song and be more potent with fewer words. It turned at 4+ minute song into a 3+ minute song, that in the end, I have to agree was better than what I had originally envisioned.

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